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What we produce?

This group- with all necessary facilities- designs, produces and implements customer orders with high accuracy and experience.

blue-kitchen-cabinet Luxury Kitchen Cabinet

manufacture of kitchen cabinet in any color, design and material that you desire.

luxury-wash-basin Luxury Washstand Cabinet

manufacture of bath and shower with most modern design of a day.

corian-stone Corian Stone

manufacture of artificial stone (Corian) by use of great materials.

Why Fit?

Kitchen Cabinet And Cabinet Wash Basin


One of the products that designed and manufactured by fit industrial group in its extensive dimensions is luxury cabinets. The cabinet wipes that are used by Fit are completely water proof and their color is completely in accordance with the customers taste and the chosen color.Our wigs are applicable to all design styles of interior and lavatory decoration. We also have to make sure our customers that all used materials in manufacturing of washstand cabinets are first class and best available brands.

Fully wooden Kitchen Cabinet

PVC Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet With Corian Stone

Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Neoclassical Kitchen Cabinet

Classical Kitchen Cabinet

Memberan Kitchen Cabinet

High Glass Kitchen Cabinet

The luxurious washstand cabinet is one of products that fit produces and implements in large scale.All washstand cabinets that fit produces are completely waterproof and their color is completely in accordance with customer taste.Our washstands are implemented in all interior design style and lavatory decorations.We love to give reassurance to our customers that all materials that are used in production are from first class and greatest brand in market.

Fully wooden Cabinet Wash Basin

PVC Cabinet Wash Basin

Cabinet Wash Basin With Corian Stone

Wooden And PVC Luxury Cabinet Wash Basin

Royal Cabinet Wash Basin

Small And Big Luxury Kitchen Cabinet

Classical Cabinet Wash Basin

Modern Cabinet Wash Basin



Fit industrial group has a lot of expertise in manufacturing, producing and implementing variety of styles of luxury kitchen cabinets. The produced cabinets in this collection are completely water proof, and we ask the costumer about its taste and interests before the beginning of its design, so that in the end the kitchen cabinet will be executed according to their taste and wishes. Whatever style you want, whatever its classical, Neo-classical or modern, we are exactly what you want.


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